Prices are for shipping within New Zealand only. If you are outside of New Zealand and would like to purchase an item, please contact me first to provide shipping costs. 

Items are sent via courier with an overnight option wherever possible. 



My focus is predominantly on creating original pieces, along with some pre-order items that I make to order. 

I have limited spaces for commissions. If you have a special request or project you would like to commission, please contact me and I'll explore what might be possible and provide a quote. A deposit of 50% of the cost is required in advance, with the remainder paid upon completion. 


Caring for your rug

Floor rugs are best in low-traffic areas, if at all possible. When required, your rug can be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner on a low setting. Do not machine wash. Spot clean with a cloth if necessary, and if a deeper clean is needed, use a carpet-specific dry shampoo. 

Some stray strands of yarn are to be expected with handmade rugs, and can be trimmed with scissors. 


Materials & Equipment

The rug tufting process involves a lot of materials including:

  • yarn (acrylic or wool)
  • tufting cloth
  • backing cloth or plywood
  • binding
  • several types of glue, including latex
  • hooks for hanging wall pieces

I use an AK-I Cut-Pile Tufting Gun, heavy duty electric carvers, several types of scissors and a wooden frame to stretch the fabric across.